This site will show you how to start a business

This site will not make you rich in 15 seconds or less.


It won’t overload you with philosophies and mumbo jumbo.


It will give you things that work with step-by-step instructions.


It will show you how to increase your income,

IF (and only IF) you follow the directions it gives.


A membership on this site is NOT for you if:

• You don’t want to increase your business or income at all
• You just want philosophies from an internet nerd
• You are trying to get rich right this second, by tonight, in the next 10 seconds, etc…
• If you’re someone who can’t follow simple directions or don’t want to do work.


A membership on this site is for anyone else who:

• Wants to start a business
• Wants to start an additional business or additional product line
• Wants to make more money
• Wants to earn on the side
• Wants to grow their business, increase sales, and keep customers.
• Wants to DO more sales, marketing, sales, organizing, and strategy.

You don’t have to quit a job to have your own business

And you don’t have to limit your income streams.

Why not have multiple sources of income?

Growing a business is not complicated IF:

You have people who have bought from you before.
You have a product or service that you can charge money for.
You don’t rip people off.


Starting a business does not have to be complicated:

If you have an idea or product you believe in – you can make money off it. (The first lesson of this course takes care of your idea or product)
If it adds value to people, they will buy it.
If you can find those people – you can be in business.


If your product or service gives the buyers a benefit greater than the cost…

AND they are able to use it, are pleased with it, AND they pay you – you HAVE a business.


The rest is fine details.


This here, takes care of the fine details.

You can either figure out what they are on your own, guess, try again, read many books, search endlessly, etc.


You can follow the steps laid out here to start and expand your business.


“OK. Ok. But who are you anyway?”

I’m Jeremy Smith. I’m in Sacramento, CA. (The guy from the home page)

My very first gigs were at a young age – finding work from neighbors and friends of my parents. I learned about finding leads from nothing.

I did volunteer work in a 3rd world country devastated by natural disaster where I learned about people and necessity.

I did administrative work in a home improvement company where I learned about administration, organizing, workers, and management.

I started consulting other businesses and learned the ins and outs of small business.

I started my own company doing websites and marketing where I learned how to increase leads and generate more traffic and how to sell.

I joined a start-up in the Education Technology industry where I learned how to create a successful start-up and grow it to be profitable at year 1. I learned how to find markets and develop them – we grew the mailing list from zilch to over 215,000, and the business grew to 15 staff.


I’ve learned what works.
And what doesn’t…


“OK. Ok. But why did you make this?”

I’ve been helping other businesses grow and have been self-employed for the majority of the time since 2010.

There’s something I’ve seen time and time again when working with others:

There are common elements that most people don’t do.

Things that every business needs.

Things that work and
Make more money.


I’ve laid these things out.

Step by step from conception to delivery (yes, just like a baby) – and then how to ensure your baby grows up to be a big, successful, living, breathing…


If you have read this far – cool. But I wanted to reiterate:

This will not make you rich in 15 seconds. If you want someone’s description of how they made a big booming internet store selling t-shirts drop-shipped from China, and how they are retired on a beach somewhere at age 19, then you should look elsewhere (Search results on Amazon).
elsewhere (more search results)
elsewhere (another list of search results)

or elsewhere still (search results)

If you don’t want to sift through a sea of books that range in cost from $7-$100 and then, once getting a book, sift through another sea of some guy’s filler content trying to find the bullet points and core concepts and…


If you want some clear-cut blueprints that walk you through starting, and then growing YOUR business – then this is for you.


My current prices put this on the much affordable end of small-business development content. I researched it.

“Jeremy, this is starting to seem ‘pitchy’…”
Sorry, but you’re on my pitch page – carrying on:


This content isn’t limited to a specific niche – this isn’t “How to get rich selling real estate” or “How to be a successful funeral director.” These are solutions for all businesses.


Your first course is “Starting Up 101”. It will walk you through precise direction from developing a business idea to making money and then turning it into a viable income source.

If you do the steps you will make money.

It is 12 lessons, with 1 lesson and set of directions per week.

And it DOESN’T require you to quit your job.


You can start a business while still working another job.

While being a member on the site you will have access to the Discussion Forums where you can ask questions and I will do my best to answer them all.


You can ask me for help if you run into trouble or if you have questions that aren’t answered within the lessons.

Let’s rock n roll:

12 weeks of lessons. 1 lesson a week – $35 a month
(less than 2 lattes/week).
Walking you through step-by-step, to start and grow your business.

You can cancel at any time.