Why you should have your own business

Have you ever wondered: “Should I have my own business?”

The answer is yes, and here’s why.


1. It is fun (most of the time) and it is very rewarding

It is much more satisfying to get paid for something valuable you created and provided for someone else than just getting a paycheck. This doesn’t mean you should quit a job and stop getting paychecks – as you can have a job and your own business. I’m just saying it is more satisfying.


2. There is virtually no cap on the income and growth

The only limit on your income in your own business is having enough delivery potential to keep up with sales. But this is not very limiting as if someone is truly capped out on delivery, and they are pricing their product correctly, then they could hire or outsource the overload.


If you think you can come up with a business idea where there is a fixed cap, contact me and tell me what it is. I bet I can tell you a way to uncap it.


3. The skills you gain

Running and having a business is not taught in school. The skills of trades and professions are taught. But how to successfully run a business and make money from it is not. So unfortunately, this is something you have to learn by doing or from someone else outside of formal education, who has done it.


Yes, I know there is Business Degrees, and people study Business in formal education. But let’s get real, you didn’t learn how to drive by reading the booklet the DMV gave you – You learned by driving.


You learn to business by “businessing”. Which really is a lost art. Not from college professors or by being a worker (which is valuable to do for that paycheck and you do develop valuable skills). You learn this by managing and running a business.


The skill of running a business is among the most valuable skills there are, and not enough people have it. Most people CAN learn and develop this ability.


4. You’re fully in control

It’s your baby. It operates the way you want and you have full control over how big and successful it is. Its fully up to you and no one else – this IS a bonus.

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