How to make your goals more attainable

This is about your goals. Not pie in the sky goals, just goals in general.

People without goals don’t hit them. (<—Words of wisdom right there)

Sounds silly, I know.

But if you don’t name a goal then you can’t make it.

Think about it for a second…. Most people go through their year and when the end rolls around they didn’t hit their goals. Probably a main reason for this is because they didn’t set any.


They set some bogus goals they didn’t intend to keep at the start and then forgot about it by mid February. You know, something like “Get 6 pack abs.” or “Quit smoking” or “500X my income.” etc…

#1: You don’t need January 1st at 12am to set a goal
#2: Write your goals you make down somewhere – anywhere
#3: The goals you set can be HUGE or small, doesn’t matter

Set big goals, but…
set smaller ones as stepping stones along the way

Take the goal: “Become self-employed and earn a living”

Now, have a smaller goal as a stepping stone:
“Make $1000 this next month from self-employment”

If that seems too much than make another stepping stone:
“Get paid to do something”

This is NOT about reducing your goals.
This is about setting stepping stones on the way to achieving them.

You’ll find if you do this, your goals become more attainable.

You’ll also find (Internet Wisdom coming in 3..2..1..)
if you don’t set your goals, you won’t make your goals.

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