How to get people to not ignore you

I’m not talking about getting people’s attention. That is easy.

If you go up on the roof in your underwear with a megaphone and yell “Look at me I am the king of the North” you will get attention.

BUT, people will ignore you and think your crazy – that was kind of a crazy thing to do, please don’t do it again.

Homeless people get attention, but they also get ignored.

Getting attention is easy: Get someone to look at you.

Now, how do we get someone to not ignore you?

Be interested in them.

If you are interested in them or something about them, you will get them engaged. The communication will be personal to them and they will participate. Advertisements work when they are personal or involve the person who sees them. They are ignored by the people who the ad is not for.

This is the same for sales calls, pitches, whatever.

Here’s an example:

I actually get these calls “Hi, this is Joe calling from Solar Panels R Us. And we have a great product and there is a government sponsored program to help buy our solar panels…”

I’m a renter! He has nothing for me. I’m nice enough to at least let him finish his pitch before I tell him to take me off his list.


Here’s how he could get me and others not to ignore him: “Hey this is Joe from Solar Panels R US. Are you a homeowner?”

I say no.

He says “Ok. Well I am helping people lower their electric bills while also helping the environment. Do you know anyone who owns a home and could stand to save on their bills?”

He got my interest! Not in his product as it’s not for me, but I’m not in a hurry to hang up on him anymore. I can imagine the same pitch if I was a homeowner – I would hear him out.

Here’s what I want you to walk away from this post with:

When you reach out to someone have something for them.

Not just what you’re trying to get out of reaching them.

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